Our preschool program is geared toward creating a super fun environment while learning how to dance and tumble. We have programs for our littlest to our kindergarteners.  Each level is a progression of the last. It is our hope to create a puggle population of littles they love to dance and obtain a wonderful foundation to eventually enter into our school age program. We thrive on building confidence and individual accomplishments for each and every dancer that enter our programs. We never take more then 8 puggles in a class.

 2-3 Year-old Program Teeny Weenie Puggle Introduce your tiniest dancers to dance class without parents. This class will incorporate very basic dance moves, creative movement, coordination activities. We then begin teaching them intro to ballet movement and the fundamental steps that incorporate in it.

4-5 year-old Leaping Puggles Ballet and Tap Combo class that will focus on ballet fundamentals and basic tap rhythms and sounds. This level will also focus on progressing their training, starting to bring steps together, understanding how movement works. Working on the core, plie and proper placement. We still make sure to have a lot of fun!!! They also begin learning basic tap steps at this age.

2-3 year old Hippity Puggle- Intro to coordination and strength movement that leads up to tumbling and acro

4 and 5-year-old Hopping Puggle- Introduction to tumbling and acrobatics. 

4 and 5-year-old Kick Ball Change Puggle- Introduction to Jazz steps