About Us

BDA’s journey started 30 years ago when I taught my first class. I absolutely loved it!  Of all the schools I taught for I knew one thing…. I was going to do things differently. I would never have a 4-hour recital and charge my parents small fortune for costumes. We do full out productions here with minimum costume costs. That every child would have an important role in its story.  I would never be a school about numbers, its always been about quality. Our classes remain small to this day so that each child can receive individual attention in every class. It is important that every child that walks through our doors feels special and leaves confident. BDA continues its mission as our family grows and our students graduate to become successful adults in dance life and other professions.  We continue to give children the best dance education in Nashua. 

Our dance programs are designed to meet the needs of the individual by providing each student with the proper environment and support to achieve their highest level of dance proficiency and to build a positive self-image through quality instruction. We believe every child is a dancer and we build an individual program to fit each of their needs. It is our hope at Boire Dance Academy that we not only give your child a dance education, but also life tools that will bring them great success in anything they do now and in the future.

We offer a wonderful pre-school dance program, recreational dance program, and a pre-professional program. We have a wonderful family community at the dance school. BDA also strives to give an education in the entire performance art  experience. Students at this dance studio love to dance, love to have fun, and develop relationships with each other that go well beyond the studio and stage  … 2014 End of Year Slide Show

We provide a progressive graded ballet dance program for beginner to advanced students ages two to eighteen, as well as adult classes. Ballet, the basis for all dance movement teaches proper body alignment, positions, discipline, strength, flexibility, and musicality. Our curriculum also includes jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern dance and acro classes. The focus of jazz, tap and hip-hop class is to build a strong foundation for each dance form by working on technique and rhythms. The modern classes focus on the basic techniques and creativity of the modern dance form. Acro works on flexibility and tumbling. We also offer a wonderful pre-school program that offer instruction for children ages 2 to 5 years of age.